donderdag 11 april 2013

Multiband Bitx (1)

After the succsesfull build of three Bitx20 20 meter QRP transceivers,it was time for another project.My first idea was building the Lima SDR,but I`m an old fashion guy,and as the computer is a very important component of the SDR kit,my choice fell on the Multiband Bitx.
Today all of my parts I ordered are arrived.Only the ADE-1 mixer is missing on the picture.LZ2JR was so kind to send me two of those missing parts.Hopefully Mr.postman delivere`s them this week.Another very important part of the build are the PCB`s from Sunil.I`m still waiting for the exciter,LPF,BPF-pcb`s.Last week I made a reservation for the linear PCB on the site.

On the picture you see the complete bandpass filter set by G4CFY (Spectrum Communications) and the rest of the parts for making the exciter and the complete bandpass filter from 10M to 160M.

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