donderdag 18 april 2013

Bitx20 V3 "Dead Bug Style" Audio section.

While I was still waiting for my Multiband Bitx printed circuit boards and all the parts,I wanted to build another Bitx20 V3,just too kill time.So I took a large piece of double sided copper PCB and made a few little boards ,just 5 by 5cm.The plan is to build one or two sections of this popular homebrew QRP transceiver on this 5 by 5 board.Then place it all togheter on a larger board to make it a complete and working 20meter QRP transceiver.On the picture bellow you see the audio section with the LM386 for the speaker and the two 2N3904 transistors.When you apply 12Vdc to the receive line,you can hear some noise comming out of the speaker while turning the volume up.When you also put a + on the transmit line,you hear a very loud tone coming out of the speaker.So now I know the circuit is working.

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