vrijdag 24 mei 2013

Bitx20 V3 "Dead Bug Style" VFO

Yesterday I`ve finished the VFO.First QSO`s succsesfully heard on my Bitx20 V3 Dead Bug Style.After I connected the VFO to the rest of the Bitx20,the reception was not that great.I only heard some beeps and SSB far away.After some investigation I discovered that there was an error in the connection of the 2SC2570A.When I`ve corrected that error,I could hear several QSO`s in the 20M band.Also the CW gave booming signals.As I discribed earlier,I don`t seem to have an issue with the transformers.The manual say`s 8 windings through the cores.I used 13 trifiar through the cores.After I was very pleased about the reception of the Bitx20,the next step was the transmision.I soldered an electret microphone to the PCB and connected a switch in the + line to toggle between send and receive mode.Yes,I can now hear myself on my good old Kenwood TS820.Next step is to connect al the modules on a larger PCB and make the permanent connections.When the circuit is stable a can start with the build of the PA.See the video I shot of the test with the Bitx20 V3 so far.

Testing CW reception  http://youtu.be/VHJHHRuSIB8

Testing SSB reception  http://youtu.be/S4xfSOff7lY

Testing SSB transmission  http://youtu.be/W4_B1dKVgwU

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