vrijdag 28 juni 2013

Bitx20 V3 "Dead Bug Style" The PA-Amplifier

Last week I started the build of the Linear Amplifier for the Bitx20 V3 project.I tried to stick close to the original circuit board design.As you can see on the picture,I only use one diode (1N4001) in stead of four,because the power supply is a 13,8V DC.If you decide to increase the power output on the IRF510,you should use the 4 diodes and the LM317 voltage stabilizer.After that you can connect an AC-power supply to the board.On my other Bitx20,I used a transformer with a secundairy output of 16Volts/2Amps.OK,next problem.How do I put the two relais on a "dead bug"style secure on the board.Two pieces of copper board where used,and with a sharp knife I made "islands" to isolate the pins of the relais.Then I soldered the the relais on the little board.After that ,the board with the attached relais was placed on the circuit board with some solder.The two big capacitors are not the 2200uF 25V,but after a look in my used parts box,these fine capacitors where found.They are 3300uF 35V.I think they will do fine.So,what`s next.Testing,but I will do that at a later time.

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