vrijdag 16 mei 2014

Bitx20 V3"Dead Bug Style" Making the call.

A few weeks ago I changed my shack and put in a new floor,new wallpaper etc,etc.So all my gear,projects and rigs temporary had to move to the attic.When it was time to install my rigs in the new shack,I saw my Bitx20 "Dead Bug Style"and I realized that I never posted the results of all my hard work.So this is what I did.I plugged in a antenna and gave my Bitx20 some juice.The band was crowded and it was not difficult at all the get some stations thru.At one moment while I was listening,I heard DH7SA calling and I answered his call only with 500mWatt or so.This is what happend.

This QSO was made on the 16th of May using a HyEndFed antenna.

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