vrijdag 9 mei 2014

X-Phase II Noise Canceler

This week I started the build of the X-Phase II noise canceler.Because I have a lot of QRM on the HF-bands,especially on 160 meters.The biggest problem maker is standing one floor below in my living room.Yes,you`ve guest it right,it`s my Panasonic plasma television.Normaly I have a S7 QRM at night on 160M.When I turn on my plasma the signal becomes a S9+30dB.Here you can see what I mean.A local HAM by the name of Ramon (PE1OUW) who lives just accros the street had the answer.He had succsesfully build the X-Phase II V1.4 and showed me some footage of a test he did with this noise canceler.After I saw the results of this device,I wanted to own one of myself.So Ramon gave me some links and I started the build.You can find some information on the site of the German  DARC.More information can be found on this and on this site.So,first thing I had to do was the making of the PCB.It was 5 years since I made my last PCB,so hopefully all my materials where not over due and my equipment worked.
Here you see the stuff I made my PCB`s with.A face tanning lamp which I bought on a fair for €1,50 and a few containers for the developer and etch.A nice site for telling you how to make your own PCB,can be found here! After a few lousy attempts,I succsesfully made three PCB`s.
After that,it was time to finish the PCB with a protective photolack and I had to drill the holes for the parts.On the picture bellow you see the un drilled PCB.No proffesionel quality,but I think it will do the job.

After five years my Proxxon drill came to live.I used a 0,6mm drill for the standard holes and a 0,8mm for the potentiometer holes.
On the next picture you see that I started with the placing of the components.Because I don`t have all the parts on stock,this is where I had to stop and wait for the missing parts.

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