zondag 12 oktober 2014

Bitx20 V3 "Dead Bug Style" The S-meter

Last week I added a S-meter to my Bitx20.I used the design which was included in the purchased Bitx20 V3 PCB`s by  Sunil Lakhani.This S-meter,of course,is not a real acurate meter.Actualy it`s more a fun gadget driven by the audio output.But it looks very nice.I used an old S-meter from a Danita 27 MHz CB rig.For the old Kenwood look,I connected a 2Watt 150 ohm resistor in the power supply to the light bulb of the S-meter.Now I have a 4,5 Volts on the light bulb,whitout heating up the resistor.It gives a warm glow on the meter scale.If you take a look on the internet you will find a lot of designs for S-meters.They come in different shapes and sizes.RX/TX,so you can monitor your ALC in TX,and the ones with the AGC support.This AGC is also audio driven.I decided to keep it simple,because I already have heard the AGC on my Multiband Bitx which is very good.
This is the diagram I,ve used on my S-meter.


1X Potentiometer 100Kohm.
1X Potentiometer 470Kohm.
1X resistor 1Mohm 1/4 Watt
1X Capacitor 680Nf.
1X Transistor BC548

While I was testing my S-meter,I heard a round table conversation somewhere at the end of the band.A few German HAM`s on holiday in Spain where having there daily QSO.At the end of this conversation,I called myself in and a EA-station returned my call.We had a nice talk about the wheater and the fact that I used a homebrew transceiver.I made this QSO with 1,5 Watts and the other HAM was QRV on his sailboat with 400Watts.So,as you can see,It only takes a few parts and a drive to make a nice QSO whitout spending a lot of money.With this S-meter,I now think this Bitx20 V3 Dead Bug Style project is finished.Next........finish the Multiband Bitx.

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