woensdag 13 mei 2015

Multiband Bitx: First reception test

This is the first video I shot of the reception from my Multiband Bitx.First you hear a Dutch QSO on 40 meters in LSB.After that I switch to the 20 meter band where a station is calling for CQ.Because this is the first test,there are a lot of adjustments I have to make.USB/LSB finetunning,AGC and S-meter.Also the frequency reading of the VFO is not correct yet.On the left side of the Bitx,you see the Amplifier and Lowpass filter PCB.I started the build of that as well en began to put the parts on it.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. WOW Edwin, it's starting to look like a damn professional transceiver now!
    Well done!
    I should drop by one day just to drool over it ;)

    talk to you soon

  2. Yes,it performs great as well Alex.Drop by,youre alway`s welcome.

  3. Dear Edwin,I am "vu2lf" Lakshmanan from India, ,Attiny85 and Si5351 vfo very much impressed me,congrats to you. Its very small and cute, u have done a great job, I would like to make one for my use , can you help me sending the code for Attiny85, if you dont mind, my mail id is:vu2lf@yahoo.com, vu2lflaks@gmail.com, thank you very much, by2,73's