vrijdag 5 mei 2017

X-Phase II Noise Canceler part 2.

A few years ago, started the build of the X-phase II noise canceler, but never completed it. Now I found the time to do this. I ordered the missing parts and put them on the board. Nothing special, only the winding of the toroid was the most interesting part of the build. I used the FT50-43 toroid wich covered between 1,5Mhz and 50Mhz. Because the original manual is in German by DG0KW, I had to figure out how to wind the toroid. First you take a peace of 58 cm, 0,2mm wire. Twist it together with a 13cm, 02mm wire. Put 1 winding through the toroid. Then 3 windings to the left and three windings to the right side of the toroid. Now there are 7 twisted windings on the toroid. Now you are half way. Then, you put 6 windings on top of the three twisted windings on the left side with the single wire that came lose from the twisted wire. Then you put another 7 windings near the 6 windings. So in total 13 windings. You do the same on the right side of the core.

After I completed the build, it was time to power it up. The LED became green and I heard the relais energized. And, there was no smoke coming out of any of the parts :). Only thing to do is to connect the antenna plugs and test the circuit. 


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